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Woodward wrestling Club Sign-Ups 2000/2001

Where:1125 Oklahoma (By the old Gibsons Building)
When:Nov.2nd+6th+7th 6:00-7:30

For more info:Jerry @ 254-3668 ,Greg @ 254-2656
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· To introduce children and their parents to collegiate style wrestling

· Give children an opportunity to learn basic wrestling skills and display those skills in a public, positive atmosphere

· Teach the principles of self-discipline, hard work, and enjoyment of competition

· Provide an atmosphere that is conductive to learning and growing

· Show the importance and benefits of a healthy diet and a good training regimen

· Hold fast to the values of promoting wrestling in a most professional manner

· Show children the importance of mental strength and societal responsibility

· Produce fine young men with good wrestling knowledge who will desire to follow wrestling as a spectator sport after their wrestling days are over


Practice will beMonday, Tuesday, and Thursday beginning from 6:30 to 7:30. Starting on November 2nd.

Tournaments will be held across the state of Oklahoma and Texas throughout the season typically every Saturday. It is not required to attend any tournaments, this is strictly up to the wrestler and parent. There are two types of tournaments, Open and Novice. Novice tournaments are for wrestlers who have not placed higher than third with more than (5) wrestlers (excluding themselves) in their bracket in an OPEN tournament and has wrestled less than two (2) years.

Open tournaments are for wrestlers who have placed first or second in an OPEN tournament with more than five (5) wrestlers (excluding themselves) in their bracket, or has wrestled more than (2) years. Tournaments carry an entry fee of $10 per tournament. Entry fees will be collected by a Board Member, via cash or check and must be turned in by the Tuesday night prior to that week’s tournament. If payment is not received by the respective date, your child cannot attend the tournament. Upon entering your child, you must fill out their weight class and division* you wish your child to wrestle. Once your child is entered in the tournament, your entry fee is not refundable for any reason. We are responsible for payment, and we cannot afford refunds. If your child does not make his respective weight, he cannot wrestle in the tournament. Flyers will be available listing the location, time, and schedule for each tournament.

* All divisions based on age as of Sept. 1, 2000

Division I (6 and under)

Division II (8 and under)

Division III (10 and under)

Division IV (12 and under)


· Parents or friends are welcome to help, but must follow the lead of the coach. Anyone desiring to assist the coach please contact JerryMiller at (580) 254-3668 { }



· Wrestlers will be expected to listen to all coaches and any helping parents. Misbehaving, or disobedient children will be dealt with first by extra conditioning and secondly by dismissal.

· Tournament entry fees are not refundable. Once your child has been entered, our club is responsible for paying his fee, even in the event of illness or weather.

· FRAUDULENT NOVICE PARTICIPATION: any wrestler who is classified as an OPEN wrestler that participates in a novice tournament will be penalized by suspension from the OKWA (Oklahoma Kids Wrestling Association), for one calendar year from the date of discovery. In addition, the wrestler’s coach and entire team will be subject to action from the Discipline Committee of OKWA. If unsure whether your wrestler is classified as OPEN or NOVICE, please consult the coach.

· All coaches believe in keeping a strong hand on all wrestlers. This aids in the growth of self-discipline and mental toughness. We understand and respect-varying beliefs on physical punishments (swats, etc.) by parents, but over indulgence will not be accepted. Any abusive actions (parents or coaches) will be dealt with accordingly by contacting the proper authorities.


Any questions should be directed to one of the following Woodwrad Wrestling Association Board Members:

: President

: Vice-President

: Treasure

: Secretary ()

: Coaching Coordinator ()

: Board Member


It will be the responsibility of each parent to get their child to tournaments, there will be caravans to most tournaments. Weight loss is not recommended and is highly discouraged unless that weight loss is due to natural occurrences such as good diet and loss of excess fat.

Try to get involved, wrestling is a close knit sport, and you will meet people from not only all across the state, but across the nation. Fellowship and fun are rampant throughout this great sport, and there is nothing like being around people who understand discipline, hard work, professionalism and success. We are looking for several organized people to become involved in all aspects of the club. During the year we will have many events to raise money to benefit the sport of wrestling, we need each parent to do their part.