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Ashley Sword


AGE - 18

WT CLASS - Anywhere from 136 -149


HOME TOWN.- Lake Worth Florida

WHY DID YOU START WRESTLING-When I was little (around 7) my older brother wrestled and I thought it would be fun. Then during my junior year my friend Jeremy said I would be good and to try out, so I did.

WHAT HAS THE SPORT OF WRESTLING DONE FOR YOU.-Wrestling has done more for me then I ever imagined, the most valuable thing in my mind is the friends I have made. The guys and girls I have practiced with are some of my best friends, they are my family. Even wrestlers who I meet at tournaments or online are fast friends because we have all been through the same things. Beyond that, self confidence, a desire to push through adversity, and a college scholarship are all important as well.

WHAT HAS BEEN YOU BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT TO DATE?-Many people see 3rd place at Women's Jr. Nationals in 2001 as being my biggest accomplishment, but if I were to decide it would either be; recieving the most dedicated wrestler award from the varsity guys team, being the varsity team captain my senior year, or being the Team captain for team Florida at Nationals this year

WHAT IS YOUR INSPIRATION FOR WRESTLING?-I actually have a couple. One is my older brother Bert, he always pushes me to be my best; not the best. He knows sometimes I may want to just stop all the pain but he shows me that I am better then what I have to go through. The other is my club team in Wellington. These guys are the best; through their friendship and goodnatured teasing I am able to strive to be the best.

DO YOU HAVE A HERO AND WHY?-My hero is my one of my dearest friends Mike, he is a wonderful person. Not only was he an awsome wrestler in high school, but now he cheers in college. His strength and love have gotten me through many tough situations.

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAY TO THE YOUNGER GIRLS COMING UP?- You are stronger than your fears, and better than your failures. One match does not determine the type of wrestler you are, what you put in during practice and off season does.

WHAT SHOULD BE DONE TO IMPROVE THE SPORT OF WOMENS WRESTLING?-- Get the word out to girls that there is a future for a girl who wants to wrestle, I think adding Women's wrestling to the olympics will help the sport to flourish.

WHO IS YOUR COACH?- Right now I have many coaches, I'm a wrestling orphan, from the staff at Missouri Valley, to Paul Westfield and Zviad here in south FLorida, to Coach Peters my "traveling girls coach"

WHAT CLUB/HIGH SCHOOL DO YOU WRESTLE FOR?-I wrestle for the Wellington wrestling club right now, and next year I will wrestle at Missouri Valley College.


-2000 Florida Girls States 3rd 141 lbs

2001 Florida Girls States 1st 141 lbs

2001 Florida Girls States Outstanding Wrestler

2001 S.C. State Open 1st 158 lbs

2001 USGWA Nationals 4th 144 lbs

2001 Womens Jr. Nationals 3rd 63 kilos


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